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The Credit Hire Organisation is the trade body that represents the interests of Credit Hire Companies.  Credit Hire Companies provide temporary replacement vehicles to non-fault parties following road traffic accidents.

Non-fault parties are legally entitled to be put back in to the position they were in before the accident, which means that a mobility solution whilst their own damaged vehicle is being dealt with will be required.  The fault party is liable to pay their reasonable costs of arranging this without them having to make a claim on their policy. Credit Hire Companies work with non-fault customers to provide that service in the most cost effective way possible and more often than not in accordance with industry agreements with at fault insurers.

The Credit Hire Organisation works collaboratively with third parties to reduce friction in the industry by improving regulatory and compliance processes and championing innovation, especially where it improves the experience of our customers.

Our collaborative strategy follows the final report of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation into credit hire in 2015, which found that credit hire companies provide a legitimate service to non-fault accident victims who require mobility, at minimal cost to the policy holder. We continue to work to reduce that cost further.