Commenting on the latest LiP portal communication from the MIB, Kirsty McKno, chair of The CHO said:

“While this is – finally – an acknowledgement that property damage should be included within the process, it has not been confirmed what is included within that definition, how it will be explained to the claimant, how it will actually work and whether the process will be truly independent. The MIB’s use of the term ‘capture’ leaves a concern that the process will favour intervention by insurers. Insurers employ intervention teams to contact injured people and offer them mobility and other services which enable them to save money on the claims cost, for example by offering a smaller vehicle to the customers’ own.

We are also concerned to ensure that we avoid instances where claims management companies fail to include credit hire elements on the claim notification, either through error or lack of knowledge or experience. To do so means that the defendant (the insurer) can set these costs aside and the claimant won’t be able to claim for the cost of mobility while their own vehicle is being repaired. It is essential that rules are drafted to protect the claimant from such an eventuality.”

The LiP portal programme has been dogged by lack of transparency and a failure by the MoJ and MIB to ensure that claimant interests are fully accounted for. It is why The CHO and other bodies have asked the Justice Committee to intervene and hold an inquiry to get at the truth of what is really going on.”

Details of the Communication:


Whiplash reforms programme update


Customer journey: create claim


As development of the new service progresses, e-shot articles will profile specific parts of the claim process, including the MoJ policy, customer journey diagrams, design principles and screen shots.  Here is the first of these; a profile of the ‘create claim’ journey.


MoJ policy

MoJ has instructed MIB that for the ‘create claim’ journey, the service must:

Support claim notifications from individuals and from claimant representatives.

Provide facility for professional users to notify via the web application or via application programming interface (API) integration.

Provide facility for individuals to check their eligibility to use the service and create an account.

Perform identification and verification checks for individuals.

Provide facility for professional users to register before creating a claim.

Capture heads of claim related to property damage, personal injury and uninsured losses.

Provide a free integrated Motor Insurance Database (MID) check for individuals and for claimant representatives.

Provide a free integrated Claims Underwriting Exchange (CUE) PI check for individuals.

Make the defendant-only Claim Notification Form available electronically to the claimant representative (where there is one) and/or the compensator.

Customer Journey


The delivery team has designed functionality for the ‘create claim’ journey to fulfil the MoJ policy and provide the customer experience based on the following principles:

1. Easy to understand and simple to use throughout the service.

2. Experience a guided journey that gathers information in easy stages, asking only the questions that are relevant for this claim.

3. Creative design provides visual cues to make completion easy.  For example, illustrations for typical accident types and Google maps to pinpoint accident location.

Coming soon…

Demonstrations of what has been developed so far will be made available online and at upcoming events this summer.