Accepting Claims from Google Adverts

Which? Money have today released a research report into the use of Google adverts directed at members of the public involved in a road traffic accident, which can be viewed here.

We are aware of the use of Google adverts by companies who may also be referral sources to members of The CHO. Whilst a company using google adverts is a widely used practice, in these particular instances we recommend that members proceed with caution when accepting referrals from a source which have obtained the claim through a Google advert, or who you are aware they use this as a method to attain claims.

You should ensure that your due diligence of the claim includes confirmation from the client that they are aware that they are not speaking directly to their insurer, preferably with a recording of the initial call. This should be reinforced with your own practices and procedures when making first contact with the client too.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact