CHO chair Kirsty McKno steps down from KAM

Kirsty McKno, chair of the CHO, has stepped down from her role as group recoveries director at Kindertons Accident Management.

Her decision has no impact on her role as chair of the CHO, and she had already announced that she intends to retire as chair of the CHO by the end of this year, after four years at the head of the trade body.

In a statement, Kindertons said: ‘Kirsty has helped to integrate [KAM] into the wider group and built the reputation of the Recoveries Team for honesty and integrity across the sector. These values have been core to Kirsty’s way of working, whether with her own team, her colleagues in the wider group and our external stakeholders.

Notwithstanding her leaving KAM, Kirsty will continue to fulfil her role as CHO chair until her successor is chosen.