CHO Champions

The CHO have asked member organisations to nominate ‘CHO Champions’ to highlight those employees they would like to see recognised for going above and beyond during a challenging period for the credit hire industry. If you have an employee you would like to nominate, please email

Gemini Ltd have nominated Marco Rossi as their CHO Champion after Marco went the extra mile to help out a nurse who had been involved in a non-fault accident which resulted in her car being a total loss.

The nurse’s ford fiesta was relatively old and therefore was valued at quite a lowly figure. As a nurse, she also does shift work and as a result, it was very difficult for the nurse to have a car delivered during working hours. Even though Gemini have a fleet team that deal with delivering hire cars, Marco personally delivered her car at the end of her shift at 6am. He turned up with a coffee and a pastry for her at the hospital at 6m and explained all of the paperwork to her and ensured she had a copy of it all.

Once she had received her total loss payment, she needed to buy a replacement car but felt that she did not have sufficient funds to do so. Since the salvage of her car had not been collected, Marco called back the third-party insurer and was able to purchase her old car for a nominal fee. He went over and beyond by asking to pay for it himself out of his own wages, a move which prompted Gemini to pick up the cost themselves.

In his own time, he helped the nurse purchase the necessary parts required through various salvage agents, Ebay and scrap yards. He spoke to a repairer partner of Gemini’s and was able to negotiate a hugely discounted price for the repairs. Once the car was repaired, he went himself to collect it on a Saturday afternoon, in his own time, and had it washed, fully fuelled and even put a California Scents air freshener inside! Marco then delivered it to the nurse at her work address.

The nurse called Gemini’s owner Naz Tahir and was gushing, she got a little emotional stating that she had gone through a hard time recently particularly due to COVID-19 as it meant she was working significantly more hours. She said it was special that someone had been looking after her for a change and she was delighted with the results.

Though this is one occasion that Marco has helped a customer, it is not unusual for him to do things like this. He often comes in earlier or leaves later to either help a colleague finish something or to ensure that he can go the extra mile for a customer in need. He has been with Gemini for just over three years and really is a part of the furniture. Customers, colleagues, repairers and insurers love him alike – he makes the effort to explain everything throughout and regularly updates all concerned.

Thank you Marco for all of your hard work and for going above and beyond to help a client in need.