CHO Consultation with Members

Dear members

Thank you to some of you who have already participated in a consultation exercise currently being carried out by us to seek your views on the CHO.

We are keen to hear from all our members, large and small, to understand how you feel the CHO has performed on your behalf.

We would also welcome your insights to help us set the future direction of the trade association. It is important that all members have an opportunity to participate in the survey, so that they can have their say in setting out our future journey.

Over the past four years, the CHO has transformed itself into a much more professional, outward looking organisation that robustly defends your interests, but also seeks to work cooperatively and consensually with other stakeholders to build our sector’s reputation, especially among regulators, policymakers, the media, insurers and other trade bodies.

This continuous improvement in our cross-industry relationships has been partly responsible for the creation of the Covid-19 statement of principles, which ensures people can continue to access mobility during the lockdown period. Co-operation has ensured that our customers have also benefited for our transformation into a professional organisation.

During this time, we have also relaunched our website, changed our structure, including introducing proper governance, and built up our management team.

It is thus a natural extension of this transformation that the chair and committee have launched this consultation with our members. We believe it is vital members feel able to give feedback to the management team, so that we can continue to improve the service we offer, and deal with any particular concerns you may have.

At an incredibly challenging time for our sector, and with our chair, Kirsty, due to hand over to a new chair later this year, now is a good time for us to take stock.

Please contact me via email or call me on 07867 798848. All interviews will be non-attributed.

Thanks for your help

Peter Gomes
Head of business