CHO Webinar: Forensic Collision Investigation

Join Paul Hughes, founder of PH Interim Ltd, for an engaging webinar on Thursday 6 July 2023 (1pm) as he explores the fascinating world of collision investigation exclusively for members of The CHO.

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With a distinguished 23-year military career that includes notable roles in intelligence and as a Weapons Inspector in Iraq during the Saddam era, Paul established PH Interim in 2012, providing forensic engineering services to companies across the claims industry.

Today, PH Interim stands as one of the foremost independent RTA investigation companies in the UK.

When it comes to motor collisions, a wealth of evidential sources can be harnessed to establish the circumstances. These range from data held on personal electronic devices to the physical damage sustained and the intricate details of how that damage manifests.
During this insightful session, attendees will gain valuable insights into identifying crucial indicators of liability at the FNOL stage.

Paul will share expert techniques employed by PH Interim, including desktop analysis, vehicle examinations, and event reconstructions, which help identify the consistency of the damage with the given versions of events.

Drawing on his expertise and experience, showcased in the popular reality TV show Hunted, Paul will offer practical tips and strategies which participants can integrate into their business processes, from FNOL to recovery.

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