Counter Fraud Meetings Round-Up

The CHO hosted a series of three meetings across the country as we looked at the different ways a credit hire company can tackle potential fraud in the industry.

The meetings featured a strong and varied panel;

  • James Bilham – Verius Risk Solutions – Chair
  • Neil Thomas – AX
  • Phil Mairs – EDAM Group
  • Chris Hallett – Synectics Solutions
  • Chris Edwards/Lior Koskas – Digilog UK

The panel tackled real life examples from members such as phone spoofing, identity fraud and the best practice to verify referral sources, amongst many other topics and scenarios they were presented with.

Starting at the FNOL stage of a claim, Chris Edwards and Lior Koskas showed how Digilog UK use voice technology with claims handlers and all phone operators to give an indication of the validity of a claim or whether there is potential of dishonesty within the information given. Digilog’s software calibrates the early part of the call where it can be shown that the caller is telling the truth, i.e. spelling their name, to judge voice pitch against all other elements of the call, giving the handler a real time assessment of honesty from the claimant.

Neil Thomas spoke to members about the use of tracking and analytical technology as a tool to indicate signs of a potentially fraudulent case but also how to tackle a situation if you have found yourself to be a victim of fraud including theft of a vehicle. Neil explained in detail, using real life examples, how the use of telematics can be used to be proactive with any issues with a hire, rather than reacting after an incident, such as theft of the vehicle, has been reported.

This includes, but is not limited to, the use of speed indicators in the car, tracking the car in real time to see whether it was being kept at the location registered with the hire and setting alerts for if the car enters a certain location which is known to be a concern to the organisation.

Giving the perspective from directly within a credit hire company Phil Mairs spoke about procedures EDAM Group have put in place following issues they had previously encountered, from accepting claims to internal logistics, including departmental responsibilities.

Phil explained how he had overseen a change in procedure when using referral sources to separate the due diligence from the department making the initial contact. This followed in to other areas within the hire process, to add another level of objectivity to the process.

The final member of the panel, Chris Hallett, gave an interesting perspective from an insurance centred approach helping credit hire companies to see how they can collaborate with insurance companies and the methods for sharing data and intelligence to minimise the risk of fraud to both sides.

Along with James Bilham, Verius Risk Solutions, they discussed the use of data and sharing of information between credit hire and insurer industries, but also across both industries to allow for easier identification of potential fraud indicators.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making the meetings an interactive and open forum.

The details of cases which were discussed are confidential. However, if you would like more information on the discussions which took place please email Matt Rowland –

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