Covid-19 Daily Bulletin

2 October 2020

A series of daily updates for CHO members regarding relevant updates pertaining to Coronavirus from home and abroad.

Key Announcements:

  • Donald Trump, President of the United States, and his First Lad y , Melania Trump, have both tested positive for coronavirus and are currently quarantining. The two were tested following Trump’s adviser, Hope Hicks, had returned a positive test. They are both reportedly in good health.
  • Margret Ferrier (SNP, Rutherglen and Hamilton West) has been facing calls to resign after it was revealed she travelled to Westminster from her constituency whilst experiencing Covid symptoms. Ferrier had taken a test on Saturday, travelled to and from London on the Monday, and received her positive test later that evening.
  • A new study has indicated that loss of taste and smell are the most telling symptoms of a person having coronavirus, more so than a cough or fever.

Regional/ devolved

  • New Covid measures will come into force in the North of England from Saturday, following an increase in case numbers. This will apply to the Liverpool City Region, Warrington, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough . It will be illegal to meet indoors with other households; to attend sports events as spectators; or visit care homes and travel, unless under exceptional circumstances. A full breakdown of other local lockdown restrictions can be found here.
  • Sheffield has become an “area of enhanced support” due to increased case numbers, meaning the city will be provided with more national support and additional resources, such as tests.
  • In Wales, it has been confirmed that individuals living alone can meet one other household indoors, even in areas that are under local lockdown. Further details will be given today during a press conference with the First Minister, Mark Drakeford.
  • It has been confirmed that Edinburgh’s Christmas festivals have been cancelled this year, following advice from public health experts.
  • New restrictions have been announced in Derry and Strabane in Northern Ireland .


  • Turkey and Poland have been added to the UK quarantine list with new rules coming into force after 4am on Saturday.
  • Approximately 20,000 Amazon workers have tested positive for coronavirus in America. The employers have said, however, that the infection rate of employees is below that of the US population.
  • The UN has been calling for more support for the ‘people’s vaccine plan’ . 168 countries have joined so far, with the UK, Canada and Germany having pledged $1bn in funds.
  • In San Paulo , Brazil, public health authorities have begun a large-scale testing programme for public schools, to aid the returning of schools.


  • Council leaders, MPs and the Metro Mayor of the City of Liverpool have written in a joint statement , requesting further scientific information from the Government, and further financial support, in light of local lockdown restrictions.
  • The Government is being urged to initiate an employment scheme like the ‘Kickstart’ scheme, for the older population. This is in light of state pension age increasing this month to the age of 66.
  • Unite the Union have said that colleges must deliver on increased pay for staff, now the Government has provided FE with £400m of extra funding.

Unconfirmed reports

  • The BBC have said they understand that the Government will introduce a “three-tier” approach to local coronavirus restrictions, the announcement for which is expected next week, with the tiers themselves being introduced in mid-October.