Covid-19 Daily Bulletin

28 January 2021

A series of daily updates for CHO members regarding relevant updates pertaining to Coronavirus from home and abroad.

Key Announcements:

  • Today, Boris Johnson is visiting Scotland, despite the first Minister Nicola Sturgeon arguing it was not essential travel. It’s being reported that the PM will use the opportunity to not only thank front line staff, but also highlight the strength of the UK working together united. Politico has listed the help the UK Government has provided to the Scottish Government that is likely to be used by the PM, including that the UK. government has provided 62 per cent of testing kits in Scotland, including over 1 million rapid lateral flow test kits.
  • The EU and AstraZeneca have held “constructive talks” , vowing to work together to resolve a row over supply problems that have seen Brussels demand the company divert stocks from the UK. European Medicines Agency has not yet approved the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is due to happen on Friday 29
  • Johnson has remained “confident” in the UK’s vaccine supply throughout the disagreement, and the Times are today reporting that the U.K. has secured enough doses for this year and could eventually end up donating spare jabs to countries in need.
  • A scientific study has shown there are signs of a “shallow decline” in the UK’s coronavirus cases, although they warn it’s not decreasing fast enough. The R rate is supposedly around 1.
  • The ONS have published findings that show the symptoms of a cough, fatigue, sore throat and muscle pain may be more common in people who test positive for the new UK variant of coronavirus. A loss of taste and smell has been far less reported as a symptom from those suffering with the new variant.


  • The Scottish Government are due to set out their budget plans, with forecasted heavy spending.
  • The Welsh tourism industry is calling for tourism to be allowed and reopen by Easter. The North Wales Tourism chief executive Jim Jones warned heavily of job losses in an industry that employed 43,000 people in north Wales.


  • After a difficult start, the WHO team in Wuhan have finished their quarantine and will begin on-the-ground investigations. The BBC are reporting the scientists will begin interviewing people from research institutes, hospitals and the seafood market linked to the initial outbreak. Their research will rely upon evidence provided by Chinese officials.

Stakeholder Reaction

  • Labour have begun their calls for free schools meals to be extended over February half term, in light of the PM announcing yesterday that schools would not open before March 8