Covid-19 Daily Bulletin

28 July 2020

A series of daily updates for CHO members regarding relevant updates pertaining to Coronavirus from home and abroad.  

Key Announcements    

As of  3:59pm on  27  July, there has  been  a total of  300,111  people in the UK who have tested positive for covid-19,  with  685  testing positive for the virus yesterday. 45,759 have sadly died in the UK. This rose yesterday by 7.   
The  Foreign Affairs Committee  has published a report on the  FCO’s Consular Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic  The report concluded that the Government’s repatriation operation was too slow and calls on the Government to review loans. Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat MP, said: “But while most staff excelled, our inquiry also found clear failings. For many of those Britons stranded, the advice they received from the FCO was confusing, inconsistent and lacking in compassion, at other times misleading and outdated, and, in the worst cases, entirely absent.”  
Prime Minister  Boris Johnson has  unveiled  a new £2bn fund to build thousands of miles of protected bike lanes in an effort to drive down obesity.   Under new pilot plans, GPs in England will be given the ability to make bikes available on prescription for overweight patients, with a new national e-bike system being set up to provide opportunities for older people or those less fit.  
MPs  on the  Home Affairs Committee  have warned that many asylum seekers are still at “heightened risk” of catching Covid-19 unless urgent changes are made to accommodation arrangements.   Committee chair Yvette Cooper said: “During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen the devastating impact this virus can have and the heightened risk in shared accommodation and institutions. The threat from coronavirus hasn’t gone away and more action is needed to prevent it spreading in institutional accommodation and to protect the physical and mental health of those in both asylum accommodation and immigration detention.”  
A cat became the  first animal  in the UK to catch coronavirus. The cat was believed to have caught the virus from its owners.   
Transport Secretary  Grant Shapps  is set to fly back to the UK from Spain after cutting his holiday short.   

Regional /Devolved  

No new coronavirus cases have been recorded in  Scotland  for the eleventh consecutive day.   
Two Labour politicians have called on the  Welsh Government  to make face masks mandatory for people visiting hospitals.  They are currently only mandatory on buses, trains and taxis for people 11 and over.  


Informativos Telecinco  held an interview with the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez who said that UK decision to recommend  not to travel to Spain as “misadjusted” . He argued that in most of Spain the incidence of coronavirus is low and even lower than in the United Kingdom.  
German Health Minister Jens Spahn said  that Germany would  introduce mandatory coronavirus testing for people returning from countries designated as high-risk   
Vietnam  has decided to close Da Nang to tourists after it was found that 15 new locally transmitted coronavirus cases were recorded there, the first time in the country since April.   
In the  USA  a vaccine being developed by  the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc  has launched the final-stage of testing on 30,000 volunteers.   


The  Labour Party  ha ve  said that the Government needs to support and protect travel jobs following the change in quarantine rules.  Jim McMahon MP, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, said   “The Government’s handling of this issue has been nothing short of chaotic. The airline industry and passengers need clarity.   The past few days have been symptomatic of the Government who were too slow to enter the lockdown, too slow to get   vital protective equipment to NHS, social care and other key workers, and too slow on testing and tracing to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.  
Unite the Union  have commented on the Transport for London (TfL) commissioned report that an earlier lockdown would have saved lives amongst London bus drivers, Unite regional officer John Murphy said   “This report makes it quite clear that in its approach to lockdown the government tried to lock the stable door after the horse had bolted. London bus drivers and their families paid a terrible price for the government’s mistakes during the pandemic and these should be fully scrutinised in a public inquiry.” 
On the news of a cat testing positive for covid-19, the  British Veterinary Association  President Daniella Dos Santos  said that  “While pet owners may be worried by this news, we’d like to emphasise that there continues to be no evidence that infected pets can pass Covid-19 to their owners. There have been a tiny number of cases of Covid-19 in domestic animals worldwide and in all cases, it appears likely that the transmission was from infected humans to animals.   

Unconfirmed reports    

The Telegraph is reporting  that  people arriving from Spain and other countries  back to the UK  with high levels of Covid-19 will be cut to 10 days under plans being finalised by ministers. The isolation could be shortened from 14 days to 10 days if they test negative for covid-19.