CPS Guideliness for Reasonable Excuse to Travel

There has been some debate about what constitutes ‘essential,’ in respect of essential travel. Some insurers have intimated in letters to CHCs that essential travel applies only to key workers, and that mobility providers need to ensure that hires are for key workers only. The attached guidance, based on information provided by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), to assist police officers interpret the Covid-19 regulations, provides very helpful clarity on what is and is not reasonable behaviour.

I draw your attention in particular to paragraph two, which states: Some public statements made soon after the adoption of the Regulations suggested that members of the public could only leave their homes if ‘essential’ to do so. However, this is not the test set out in the Regulations and there is no legal basis for a requirement in those terms to be imposed. The applicable threshold is that of ‘reasonable excuse’. 

We are happy to provide a copy of this guidance to our members to assist them in their dealings with insurers.

This document is produced by an external source and applies to England only.

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