Holt v Allianz

CHO chair and CEO, Anthony Hughes, comments on the judgement of Holt v Allianz.

Commenting on the judgement, Anthony Hughes, chair and CEO of the Credit Hire Organisation, which represents the credit hire sector, said: “We will study this judgement closely, but the principle of declaring impecuniosity at the start of proceedings can be helpful in narrowing the issues at an early stage in proceedings and enabling all sides to take proactive steps to reduce friction and minimise disputes, which is a good outcome for customers. It means the onus is now on the credit hire company to secure information on customer impecuniosity at the outset, which in turn will give clarity on what hire rate tariff applies.”

“Speeding up the process is a good thing for all parties, certainly for customers, who get their claim settled quicker, and our members can reduce the life cycle of the claim and get paid quicker. This issue could be explored further by our members and insurer partners as we continue our joint work updating the GTA (a voluntary protocol which is designed to improve the processing and settlement of credit hire cases).”

“Ultimately, insurers and credit hire companies serve the same customer; our primary aim is to provide them with access to mobility so that they can get on with their lives while their own vehicle is off the road, and that we settle the claim with the at-fault insurer with the minimum of hassle. Holt v Allianz may have provided a further opportunity to do just that.”

“The ability for customers to access mobility following an RTA is even more necessary given the pressures currently faced by insurance repairer supply chains and unprecedented repair durations for policyholders, including for tradespeople, taxi drivers and others whose vehicle is essential for their livelihoods.”