IMS Hire Head of Vehicle Security Services

Sharyn Morley has been appointed Head of Vehicle Security Services at the Mobility division of IMS (Insurance & Mobility Solutions). Sharyn will start her new role on 11th January and report to Dave Turnock, Sales Director for the division.

Turnock said Morley, who spent twenty years in a variety of roles at Europcar Mobility Group (EMG) before joining IMS, will be responsible for leading on security-based service delivery to fleets and mobility businesses across Europe. This includes developing the group’s partnership with W4G, a specialist business that focuses on rapid response and repatriation of stolen vehicles.

He said: “Sharyn is well respected across the industry and will be an excellent ambassador for us among police forces, fleet and mobility businesses and other stakeholder groups. We also expect her to build links with government agencies looking at terrorism and organised crime gangs, both of which utilise the car rental sector for their criminal activity.”

Turnock explained: “One of her key tasks will be to build a risk intelligence register which can be embedded into our client-facing systems, including identifying roads with high incidence of vehicle theft and common locations for staged accidents and fraudulent claims. We will capture this data and use it to assist our clients with their total risk management approach.”

Sharyn said: “This is a great opportunity for me to bring the IMS security product set to the attention of many new forums, organisations and channels, where IMS hasn’t yet engaged fully, and where there would be great benefit derived from the adoption of its technologies and approach.”

She added: “There were 113,000 vehicles thefts in the UK last year, and professional criminals who steal cars to order use highly sophisticated technology. A combination of the technology, services and industry experience within IMS will help keep clients one step ahead of professional criminals, across the UK and Europe.”

Last summer, IMS was in the news after their vehicle security team saved London-based prestige car hire company City Inter Rent nearly £300,000 through the recovery of two high-value Range Rovers and a top-of-the-range Mercedes.

They struck back within hours of receiving alerts from IMS security devices that had been installed just months earlier. The vehicles were found packed in containers at Ilford, Essex, ready to be shipped abroad.

Dave Turnock said: “The links between this form of crime and other offences, including drugs, people trafficking and terrorism are well known, and it is important that the industry has the opportunity to deploy crime prevention technology that makes it harder for criminals to earn a living in this way and at the expense of honest customers, and public safety.”