Independent GTA Chair Appointed

The new independent chair of the GTA will be Stewart McCulloch, who has been appointed to the role jointly by the CHO (Credit Hire Organisation), representing credit hire companies, and motor insurers who subscribe to the GTA.
Mr McCulloch, who is currently independent secretary of GTA Technical Committee, will take up his new role on 1 Dec 2023.
The GTA is a set of industry-agreed principles, rules and guidelines that insurers and credit hire companies voluntarily agree to, to manage replacement vehicle motor claims.
The agreement has been the benchmark and basis for the operation of the UK credit hire sector since 1999, and the appointment of Mr McCulloch is the latest step towards evolving a revised GTA to account for both developments in the industry since it was first launched, as well as the current challenging conditions in the motor claims supply chain.
Commenting jointly on the appointment, Anthony Hughes, Chair and CEO of the Credit Hire Organisation (CHO), and James Driscoll, senior claims manager at Aviva and Chair of the Insurer Technical Committee, said:
“We’re pleased that someone with Stewart’s deep understanding of the credit hire industry will be overseeing the GTA through the latest series of revisions. He has the full support of insurers and credit hire companies (CHCs) who subscribe to the GTA and will play an integral role in the next stage of our negotiations.”
“We are confident that Stewart’s leadership will enable us to make smooth progress towards a revised GTA that will meet the needs of insurers and CHCs now and into the future.”
Stewart McCulloch said: “Credit hire is a unique, some would say esoteric, element within the motor claims value chain, but being part of this sector for many years has given me great passion for the issues and for the industry in all its forms.”
“The GTA is a vital means of self-regulation, which most stakeholders believe is a far better means of managing replacement vehicle motor claims than the blunt instrument of legislation.”
“I’ve been impressed by the business-like approach taken to the latest round of negotiations and look forward to playing my part in effecting the compromises that will be required to get a successful result.”
About Stewart McCulloch
Stewart McCulloch is a solicitor who spent 25 years as a partner in a large North West of England law firm dealing with claims work – mainly in the field of personal injury. During that period, he assisted insurers and claimant organisations in setting up settlement protocols with the specific aim of avoiding expensive litigation. He also worked with local courts to establish new rules designed to streamline process and reduce cost and worked with Government departments in establishing cost effective processes to support publicly funded work.
Stewart has always had an interest in supporting negotiation and dispute resolution by using the latest technology. More recently he has run his own outsourcing company and has been a director and Head of Compliance for a large national law firm.
Stewart is a committed proponent of alternative dispute resolution with a particular focus on resolving personal injury and personal injury costs cases. He has handled some of the largest mediation and arbitration cases in recent years. Stewart also has expertise in relation to credit hire cases and is independent secretary to the GTA Technical Committee