New Constitution Passed at EGM

A new constitution for The CHO was agreed by members at this morning’s EGM. Voting took place virtually in a secret ballot, and the 75% threshold to agree the adoption of the new Constitution was easily met.

59% of the CHO membership voted and of those, 94% agreed with the motion that The CHO should adopt a new constitution.

Nominations have now been requested for candidates to apply for membership of the new CHO Strategic Board there being a requirement for a maximum of 5 members from Tier1 and 2 CHC members and maximum 5 members from all other CHC members.

To qualify for membership, you need to be a CEO or MD (or equivalent) and submit a maximum 150 word CV to The closing date for nominations to be received is close of business on 23 October 2020.

The successful candidates will be confirmed after 23 October, and it is intended that the Strategic Board be in place for the CHO AGM on 5 November, after which Kirsty will step down as chair.

Thank you to everyone who voted and we look forward to implementing the next stage in the CHO’s journey.