OIC Portal Feedback

The OIC Portal has now been operational for two months, and during that period there has been very little hard and fast information emerging on how it is working, and what the impact has been on claims firms, their customers and the insurers.

Anecdotally of course, we are aware that there have been a number of problems with the operation of the portal, leading some law firms to manually interact with the OIC in order to process claims.

To date, none of our members have come back to us with their stories, which may be because we were too early in the launch period for claims to start filtering through, especially the credit hire elements of a claim, which sit outside the portal as you will know.

However, a few articles are beginning to appear in the trade press, and we expect these to mushroom as companies and individuals are asked for their feedback. The CHO is due to return to the MoJ in September, and we would like to give the whiplash team at the MoJ some clear examples of our own members’ experiences with the new processes and procedures, managing the credit hire claim for an injured customer.

Do please contact us with your views and comments, so that we can prepare a brief for the MoJ, MIB and other stakeholders.

In the meantime, I attach for your interest a copy of a white paper on the portal and the emerging scenario in motor claims prepared by Altus consultancy, which references credit hire in the study.

Thanks in advance for your help and if you have any questions please contact matt.rowland@thecho.co.uk