PI reform update

Commenting on the government’s response to the Justice Select Committee report (seventh report – Small Claims Limit for Personal Injury), Kirsty McKno, chair of the CHO, said: “Nobody following the issues closely thought  that the provisional date of April 2019 for the implementation of the government’s package of reforms to personal injury was do-able, so the postponement until April 2020 is a healthy dose of reality, and will give the market much-needed time to prepare for change. This response clears the way for the MoJ to publish the long-awaited part two of its consultation exercise, which will cover the MoJ’s call for evidence on credit hire and rehabilitation.”

“The government’s strategy is to implement the reform package in one go, rather than in a piecemeal manner, so we will be advising our members to use this time wisely and ensure they are ready for the post-reform world.

“We continue to urge ministers to ensure that the reforms, first and foremost, deliver the best possible outcomes for customers who have been injured in a road traffic accident. The technology which is intended to underpin the claims process needs to be thoroughly tested, and if it is found that it is not fit for purpose, ministers must be prepared to extend the testing period until it is.”

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