Regional Meeting Round-Up

The CHO hosted meetings across the UK in September and October giving members the chance to quiz experts from across the industry.

Three experts formed a panel which were available for attendees to question and ask their opinions on a variety of difference scenarios and struggles they are facing.

Barry Sutton from Stephenson Solicitors hosted a forum on ‘Success in Litigation’ where he offered expert opinion on getting the best possible result once you have entered litigation. Barry discussed the importance of various pieces of evidence, putting the emphasis on collecting this evidence at the earliest possible opportunity to maximise the accuracy and therefore credibility of the evidence.

Derek Cooper, a pre-litigation recovery expert from Hamilton Claim Solutions, also joined the panel to relay his experience on recovering before entering litigation. Derek also advocated the process of collecting evidence at the earliest possible opportunity and, like Barry Sutton, discussed the effectiveness of basic hire rate evidence and processes to counteract arguments presented.

Also attending was Alan Holden from Fusion Management Solutions who advised on GTA processes. Alan fielded questions regarding payment terms and, in particular, cases falling out of the 60 day GTA payment terms.

The meetings were a great opportunity for members to use their own experiences, alongside the experience of the experts, to share best practices and effective methods to achieve the best results in recovery.

The next meetings will be held in early 2020, with more details to be released in due course.