TFL Guidance for Taxi and Private Hire

On the 4 June, the Government announced new measures which would require all passengers to wear face masks when travelling on public transport.

In response to this announcement TFL have issued this guidance for private hire drivers, private hire operators and taxi app companies. This guidance states that all taxi and private hire drivers should wear face coverings from Monday 15 June.

A Department for Transport (DfT) spokesperson said “While the regulations for public transport do not cover taxis and private hire vehicles (PHV) the trade is already able to implement measures to protect drivers and passengers. Taxi drivers are already able to refuse carriage to passengers where it is reasonable to do so, this might include those that are able but refuse to wear a face covering.”

The DfT added, “We would encourage all licensing authorities to consider ways in which they can work with their licensees to support all reasonable measures to protect taxi and PHV drivers and passengers.”

A face covering is not necessarily a surgical face mask, as used by health professionals. For more information please consult the Government’s guide to face coverings

Please bear in mind, this guidance is issued by TFL and you may wish to consult your local authority.

Please also bear in mind that CHO does not assume any responsibility for any specific member company. Our updates are for information and guidance purposes only. It is the case that each an every member company must always take their own independent advice in respect of the specific circumstances that apply to their company.