The CHO Appoints Percayso

The Credit Hire Organisation (CHO), the trade body for the UK’s credit hire sector, has commissioned Percayso Inform to build a new anti-fraud platform for their members.

Anthony Hughes, chairman and CEO of the CHO, said the new platform will fill a gap in the industry’s anti-fraud arsenal and underscores “our strong commitment to countering fraud, both in the credit hire industry and across the wider motor claims supply chain.”

Mr Hughes said the CHO has already paid for the initial build cost, and a number of credit hire companies have signed up to the platform. “Percayso and the CHO are launching the platform at our annual conference on 12 October. There has been plenty of interest in the concept and we’re confident that many of our members will see the benefits of being a part of it.”

He explained that subscribers will use the technology to screen claims in order to manage and identify fraudulent activity, supporting “the CHO’s objective to do all we can to combat fraud within the industry.”

The ABI estimates  that fraud costs the insurance industry £1.1bn annually, and while Mr Hughes said there was no specific data for credit hire fraud, he added:

“Our members tell me that fraud is one of their biggest headaches, some of our larger members employ full time anti-fraud teams, and there is a lot of voluntary, informal information sharing across the sector, but we do need a fully-functioning intelligence and data platform, and Percayso came up with a great option.”

Ian Lilley, head of partnerships at Percayso, said: “This is a great opportunity to work with the CHO and deliver a bespoke counter fraud platform for the credit hire sector.

“This project is an evolving platform that will grow with and respond to the collective needs of CHO subscribers, with potential for additional data sources and anti-fraud measures to be introduced from elsewhere in the motor insurance industry.”

“We’re excited to be able to present the model to delegates at the CHO Conference, and are confident that the industry will be interested in what we and the CHO can offer as we continue to introduce more counter fraud intelligence into the market.”

About the CHO

The Credit Hire Organisation (the CHO) is the trade body for the UK credit hire sector and represents member CHCs and the sector more generally with motor insurers, government and the media, as well as other trade associations and external stakeholders.

Now in its fourth decade, the credit hire industry has helped millions of customers who require replacement vehicles following an accident for which they were not at fault, and in the process has become an established and legitimate part of the UK insurance claims industry.

When a customer experiences a road traffic accident, the knock-on effects can be significant and long-lasting. Losing the vehicle can cause problems with work, childcare and quality of life. Our member credit hire companies (CHCs) safeguard the rights of consumers to be put back in the position they were in before an accident.

Each year, our member CHCs provide mobility solutions to hundreds of thousands of accident victims, employ tens of thousands of staff and make a significant contribution to the UK economy.

More information: Ben Welsh 07568 382040

About Percayso Inform

Percayso’s award-winning insurance intelligence services go beyond traditional data enrichment, providing unique, real-time solutions at all stages of the insurance lifecycle and delivering unrivalled insight into insurance customers, risk and fraud.

Percayso won Best Fraud Technology Solution of the year at the Insurance Times awards and also silver in the Business Partner of the year category. They are 5-star providers in Insurance Business magazine and are in the 2022 InsurTech 50 compiled by BusinessCloud and the 2022 InsurTech 100 compiled by FinTech Global.

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