Watch: GTA Rate Review Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended Tuesday’s webinar on module one of the GTA rate review.

A recording of the webinar is now available to watch here.

As discussed during the webinar the next step for the independent reviewers, CEBR, will be supported by data from both the insurer and the credit hire industry.

The committee require data to evidence the arguments for new rates and any data you can provide which CEBR can us to formulate a representative rate will be of great benefit to their work and that of the committee.

Please email any data you are able to provide to Both Matt Rowland and Peter Gomes, with whom the data will be shared, work for the CHO and are independent of any credit hire company.

We understand that some subscribers may be cautious with their sharing of potentially commercially sensitive data. Please be assured that the data provided will be kept confidential and when compiled for the committee will not be attributed to any company, instead the data will be compiled into one full report of data to represent the credit hire industry, for subscribers to the GTA, as a whole.