Webinar: Challenges in Credit Repair

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent webinar on the challenges in credit hire.

The panel discussed the current volumes in both industries compared to ‘pre-Covid’ levels and whether they expect to see a reduction in volume following the introduction of tighter restrictions from the Government.

The panel also gave their views on hire periods, current timescales for repairs, bottom line discounts on parts and contracted payment terms and their effect on cashflow, as well as facing questions from the delegates in attendance.

A recording of the webinar is available for members free of charge and this can be accessed here.

This was webinar was a part of The CHO’s Autumn Series of webinars taking place throughout September and October and a full schedule of upcoming webinars can be seen here.

Our next webinar will be held on Tuesday 6 October (1:30pm). The webinar will be hosted by an external provider offering a 90-minute training session on personal injury inclusion. The session will include real-life recent examples of cases and will be available free for members of The CHO.

To register for the personal injury inclusion training, please click here.