Webinar: Electric Vehicles

The CHO will be holding a webinar on Tuesday 13 October (1:30pm) to discuss the continuing and sustained growth in the number of people buying electric vehicles.

The webinar comes after The CHO released a research paper in September (link) on the rise of electric vehicles, the differences between hybrid and fully electric technology, and sales incidence and the effect the increase in EV use may have on your vehicle park in the coming years.

The panel will discuss the rapid rise of electric vehicles, where one in 15 new cars bought in September was a fully electric vehicle. The panel will tackle common concerns, myths and anxieties surrounding electric vehicle ownership.

We will also look at the complexities in credit hire claims involving an electric vehicle, including the requirements for a like for like vehicle to be provided. We’ll discuss common challenges and EV-related issues you may come across when running your business and handling an EV claim, whether from a third party insurer or the claimant..

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This webinar is part of our Autumn Series of webinars covering a wide spectrum of topics across the credit hire industry and wider. To see a schedule of upcoming webinars, please click here.