Webinar: Employee Wellbeing

The CHO will be holding a webinar on employee wellbeing on Thursday 8 October 2020, to mark World Mental Health Day (10 October).

The webinar, in conjunction with T-Cup, will focus on ideas and methods to help maintain or improve the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees, or your team, during a difficult time for many people.

T-Cup will use their knowledge of research and case studies to show how simple changes to a person’s diet, fluid intake and exercise, amongst many other factors, can improve the wellbeing of that person and, whilst improving their happiness, this could also make a positive impact on their work related performance.

This webinar is aimed at both individual members of staff, for their own personal growth, and management staff who may wish to implement some of these methods when focusing on their team’s mental health and wellbeing.

The webinar is free to attend for members who can register here.

Non-members can access the webinar at a one-off cost of £100, if you are not a member of The CHO and would like to attend, please email matt.rowland@thecho.co.uk

This webinar is part of our Autumn Series of webinars covering a wide spectrum of topics across the credit hire industry and wider. To see a schedule of upcoming webinars, please click here.