Webinar: Understanding the Current and Future Challenges of Credit Repair During Covid-19

The CHO and NBRA jointly invite you to an open session on Tuesday 26 May at 4pm to give you the opportunity to better understand the challenges facing repairers and CHCs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

You will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions on all aspects of the industry, including;

  • What are the current challenges facing the credit hire industry?
  • What are the current challenges facing the repair industry?
  • How can both industries work together to maintain their respective futures?
  • What opportunities are there to collaborate for both industries moving past the current pandemic?

To enable an appropriate and worthwhile discussion it is important you invite the appropriate people from your organisation to attend, where they will have the opportunity to contribute live to the discussion.

We would also welcome questions for consideration in advance and these can be submitted to matt.rowland@thecho.co.uk

Don’t be in the dark, register now to book your place and add Tuesday 26th May 4pm to your diary.