Whiplash Consultation: Part Two

The CHO understands from the MoJ that there are no immediate plans to re-examine Part Two of the whiplash consultation. Members will recall that Part Two – which the CHO submitted a response to back in January 2017 – covers credit hire and rehabilitation elements of motor claims.

MoJ officials with responsibility for the reform agenda have reiterated their standard line that MoJ will consider the issues included in Part 2 of the consultation response following the implementation of the whiplash reforms. However, with launch of the OIC portal just this week it is too early to be considering this.

The MoJ stated that they still have a considerable amount to do in relation monitoring and bedding in the new service and will return to part 2 when the team has capacity to do so.

The CHO interpretation of this is that the MoJ is unlikely to return to Part II this year

We have requested a meeting with the MoJ team and will of course continue to keep members updated as this issue plays out.