Working Safely During Covid-19

The Government have released updated guidance for maintaining a safe workplace to reflect the change in measures due to take effect from 4 July 2020.

Members may be considering returning some or all of their workforce to office space from remote working and may wish to consider the attached guidance when planning for this.

The guidance for office working has been updated to reflect the change to social distancing rules and the new guidance on support bubbles, and documentation you may wish to display to show that you have implemented the guidance outlined in the guidance document.

Also available is updated Government guidance of working in vehicles, which members may wish to consider when reviewing their collection and delivery strategies. Although this is not directly aimed at the car hire industry and the delivery and collection of vehicles, it does offer guidance on the use of work vehicles, multiple occupants and having more than one employee in a vehicle at any time.

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Please do bear in mind that CHO does not assume responsibility for any specific member company. Our updates are for information and guidance purposes only. It is the case that each and every member company must always take their own independent advice in respect of the specific circumstances that apply to their company.